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Dear Yulegoat

Hi, and thank you so much for writing this fic for me! You obviously have excellent taste in comics, so take a moment and feel good about that. I know I do once in a while!

So, on to the letter.

Things I very much like:

- Female or female identified characters with agency and purpose. What I like even more is when said female or female identified characters with agency and purpose form strong bonds and close friendships with each other and those relationships are explored, both the good and the bad of it.
- People being skilled at things and putting those skills to good use. Competence! It's fantastic. I also like reading about people as they gain that competence. Learning is fascinating.
- Stories where nothing happens, but in a meaningful way. If that makes sense. I like plot, too, but not without those moments in between where the story catches its breath and the personalities take focus.
- Pre-canon. Always, always interested in the backstories of minor characters.
- Bittersweet endings. I don't mind angst or happy endings either, but a mixture of both is the best.
- Morally gray decisions, questioning of morals, internal conflict.
- Friendship in general. Friendships are the best, all kinds. Friendship, friendship, friendship. It is so great.

Things I don't much like:

- Porn. I will probably scroll past, I'm sorry to say. It's just not as interesting to me! I checked gen for all my requests, which... doesn't mean that I hate romance, just that I prefer to read my ships with the focus on their personalities and not their bodies. Shippy undertones, more like.
- M/M. WELL, this is a lie, I love my M/M ships a lot. But it's almost always easier to find than my f/f and f/m OTPs, and I'm more invested in those.
- Erotisized dubcon or noncon. Some of my canons have awful things happening, and that's not triggering in and of itself. Only when it's treated as sexy.
- Explicit descriptions of blood and open wounds. I.. have a huge blood squick. (Which may seem incompatible with being a Boti fan, but.) I'm fine with characters being injured as long as you don't go into graphic detail, though.
- Character bashing, bashing of canon ships, infidelity, gratuitous chaarcter death.
- AUs and major deviations from the story. I prefer if the fic can be fitted into the canon more or less seamlessly.
- Misrepresentations of disabilities and illnesses, both physical and mental.

As for the fandoms...

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Hopefully, this letter isn't too daunting. And, you know, with all these fandoms I love 99% of the characters with all my heart. So if you have something you're itching to write that you know would be amazing... Write it. Even if it doesn't perfectly match any of my requests. The risk of going wrong is very, very small. If you have any questions, feel free to make an anonymous comment on this post.

I wish you all the best, dear yulegoat, and I hope your yuletide experience is a very merry one. ♥

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Five Fics - Avatar: the Last Airbender, Blade of the Immortal

Posted some fic over at the writing journal! Been a while since I last did that...

Title: Treaties
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Characters/ Pairings: Ty Lee/Smellerbee
Word Count: 765
Rating NC-17
Summary: Despite Ty Lee's peace offerings, Smellerbee can't stop waging war.

The dress of a Kyoshi warrior is not designed for easy removal.

Title: Innovator
Fandom: Blade of the Imortal
Characters/ Pairings: Hyakurin/Makie
Word Count: 984
Rating NC-17
Summary: She's cornered by the deadliest woman in Edo, but like hell Hyakurin's ever gonna roll over.

The blade is less than an inch from her jugular.

Title: Contrast
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Characters/ Pairings: Katara/Suki, Katara/Yue
Word Count: 348
Rating PG
Summary: Katara keeps crushing on her brother's girlfriends.

Evening falls and the day goes out in a blaze, the sunset igniting the sky.

Title: To Be Continued
Fandom: Blade of the Immortal
Characters/ Pairings: Doa/Rin
Word Count: 1200
Rating PG-13
Summary: Sixty years later, Doa returns to Japan. And to Rin.

Doa's steps are still light, so light Rin doesn't hear them until they're right behind her.

Title: And Violence Spilled Out
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Characters/ Pairings: Katara/Smellerbee
Word Count: 351
Summary: Katara has more to give. Smellerbee can take it.

The shed isn't as dark as Katara had hoped - there are holes in the roof letting the moonlight in - but it will have to do.
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18:05 trust fund baby

For one week, recommend / share:
Day 1: a song
Day 2: a picture
Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic

Day 4: a site
Day 5: a youtube clip
Day 6: a quote
Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

I considered putting down a feminist or political blog, but you know what? No.

Le's go for fashion and food instead.

Luxirare - Killer clothes + fine cuisine

Nominations for Yuletide opened, and I sent mine in. B) I FOLLOWED MY HEART and am only moderately embarrassed by my choices.
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Taking Stories From Your Eyes [Katara/Smellerbee]

Title: Taking Stories From Your Eyes
Fandom: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Characters: Katara, Smellerbee
Word Count: 1,380
Warnings: None
Summary: “I’m so glad to know you’re okay.” She takes a step forward to give Smellerbee the hug Katara is sure she must need, but when she tenses, visibly uncomfortable, Katara changes her mind and instead places a hand on Smellerbee’s upper arm, squeezing softly.

The movement is slight, a shift in the shadows that cuts itself short, recoils and retreats almost instantly
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Fic: Breather [Doa/Rin R]

This counts as the entry of today, my head hurts and I'm busy talking to people!

Title: Breather
Fandom: Blade of the Immortal
Characters: Rin, Doa
Word Count: 525
Warnings: Girlsex
Summary: During the time in the tunnels under Edo castle, the many hours, maybe days, of charging through the shadows toward unknown enemies, she only stumbles once.

When she loses her footing, she finds she has been expecting it
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Barry Worm

Yeah, yeah. I know. Another meme. But this one's just so funny!

↘ the PIZZERIA meme〪

Completely unrelated: when you talk to senri, you find out about all sorts of exciting things.


Imagine that!

In other news, the new Vinland Saga chapter looks AMAZING *____*

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Fic: assorted drabbles [Avatar: the last airbender]

These are the rest of the request drabbles I did a while back, and I'm reposting them here so that I, once I've mustered up soem courage, can go pimp them in some community, and also so I can link to them in my FANFITCTION ARCHIVE. That isn't really an archive because there's almost nothing there rofl. XD

Title: Prey
Characters: Azula, Smellerbee
Requested by: ew_younerd

Collapse )

Title: Absolute
Characters: Mai, Ozai
Requested by: ew_younerd

Collapse )

Title: Early Frost
Characters: Smellerbee, Jet, Longshot
Requested by: sahara_storm

Collapse )

Title: Knife
Characters: Zuko, Azula
Requested by: bakkhos

Collapse )

Title: Nothing
Characters: Jet, Smellerbee, Longshot
Requested by: Not a request per se, this was written as separate facts for a meme. I kind of liked it though, so a couple of days ago I went back and rewrote it into this. MAJOR SPOILER FOR LAKE LAOGAI. :<

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